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Frank Mungo, a successful dui, ovi, criminal defense lawyer in Ohio, Kentucky, and federal court

A Criminal and DUI Defense Law Firm
Ohio, Kentucky, and Federal Courts

Imagine if you or a loved one is facing criminal or DUI charges, criminal attorney Frank M. Mungo is a professional trial lawyer whose skilled, aggressive, and successful approach to defending criminal and DUI cases is the solution that can help save your freedom and your money. Frank Mungo has a proven track record in defending criminal and DUI cases because of his unique combination of talents:

• Former felony prosecutor;
• Scientist-highly educated in both physics and engineering; and
• Master of the best methods of courtroom persuasion.

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Mastering forensic science is key to a successful criminal or DUI or OVI defense in Kentucky, Ohio, or federal court

Aggressive, Passionate, Scientific Approach
to Criminal and DUI Defense

Frank Mungo understands what is at risk when you or your loved one is accused of a crime - your very freedom is at stake! The gravity of your situation compels immediate, aggressive action. Passively waiting for the prosecutor to bring charges or waiting for the prosecutor to provide discovery once charges are brought are the biggest mistakes most inexperienced criminal defense lawyers make. A better approach:

Investigate: before evidence is lost, gather as much information as possible;
Analyze: if necessary, assess the evidence using the latest scientific methods;
Respond: strengthen the defense with scientific and objective evidence.

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Ohio and Kentucky criminal and dui, ovi defense lawyer Frank Mungo treats clients with the human tounch of kindness and respect

Premier Criminal Defense and DUI Attorney
...with a Human Touch

Having a successful result in a criminal or DUI trial begins with a solid, caring relationship with your lawyer. Words are inadequate to describe the fear, stress, and uncertainty you feel when you or a loved one is arrested or investigated for committing a crime. The solution to this emotional crisis and the pathway to a successful result is a lawyer who listens, understands, and communicates with you.

• Defending your case becomes a partnership-a team effort;
• Knowing your story reveals both strengths and weaknesses of the case;
• Presenting the case as a story that explains the injustice, persuades the jury to care and fight for you.

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Mccafferty trial on fox 19 video for dui, criminal defense lawyer Frank Mungo

Experienced Criminal Lawyer Fighting for You

In 2009, I was part of a three-person-trial team that defended Cheryl McCafferty, a successful mother of two with no criminal history. She was charged with murdering her husband. Many believed it was an open and shut case for murder. However, the team took an aggressive position and argued self-defense.

During the trial, I cross-examined over 20 professional witnesses, including police officers, computer, firearm identification, blood spatter, and gunshot residue experts. At the conclusion of the trial, the jury acquitted Cheryl McCafferty of murder and convicted her of the lesser included offense of manslaughter 1st degree. McCafferty received a finding of domestic violence in her case. This finding made it possible for her to go before the parole board after she served only 20% of her sentence instead of the normal 85%.

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